Registration for Get With The Guidelines-Stroke

Get With The Guidelines-Stroke Grant:

GWTG-S will be eligible for grant for their first year of registry participation once the application for grant is approved.

Hospitals that participate in GWTG-S will be eligible for funding specific to registry renewal with certain requirements. Funding information for renewal is found here.

GWTG-Stroke Data Release Consent:

In order to develop the Performance Improvement component of the MS Stroke System of Care, all participating hospitals are required to collect data utilizing AHA’s Get With The Guidelines Stroke data tool.

Quarterly reports will continue to come to each participating hospital submitting data and, as well, reports will be sent from IQVIA (the company that synthesizes the data into report form) to MSDH Director of Acute Care who will be the guarantor of the Super User Account.

Hospitals will be requested to sign a GWTG Stroke Data Release Consent form thereby acknowledging that the confidential data will be unblinded at the MSDH Stroke PI Committee. Furthermore, these PI committee members will be required to sign confidentiality agreements with MSDH.
Download the form here.


IQVIA Agreement Support Contacts

If you have any further questions, please contact the Help Desk at 888-526-6700:

Esterbin Vargas
201 Broadway, 5th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02139
Office: +1 888 526 6700
[email protected]