Goals of STEMI Program

  • Create collaborative quality improvement efforts involving Mississippi Hospitals, EMS Services, & medical professionals
  • Develop state and regional network of hospitals and EMS services based on best care protocols
  • Institutional level heart attack teams used to collect , analyze and react to quality outcomes.

Areas of Focus

  • EMS
  • Non-PCI hospitals
  • Inter-Facility-Transfer
  • PCI referral Centers
  • Public Education

Short Term Goals

  • Seek grant opportunities for the state
  • Establish Regional STEMI Network  within the state (North, Central, South divisions)
  • Designate leadership/educational  teams for each region
  • Create standardized educational tools
  • Use MHCA tools to educate all non-PCI centers about best care protocols and NCDR-Action/GWTG registry
  • Achieve 100% data entry from all PCI centers into NCDR-Action/GWTG registry (Data entry beginning with July 2010 discharges)

Intermediate & Long Term Goals

  • Improve Mississippi’s EMS response
  • Facilitate EMS-EKG training
  • Equip ambulances with EKG transmission capabilities
  • Educate public of prevention, signs & symptoms and importance of 911
  • Improve public utilization of 911 services
  • Reduce mortality and morbidity of Mississippians suffering from Heart Attacks
  • Facilitate research